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Easy Steps to Order
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INSEE Concrete
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Site Preparation

1. Site Entrance
• Ready-Mixed Concrete Small truck : 2.5 meters wide and none of the upper obstacles at least 3.5 meters height
• Ready-Mixed Concrete Standard truck : 3.0 meters wide and none of the upper obstacles at least 4.0 meters height

2. Measuring the width, length and height of the site by meter before ordering.

3. Prepare a cement salver the size of 0.5-1 cubic meter for concrete loading, bucket, shovel, hoe, cement cart

4. For best quality of concrete, use concrete within 1 hour and 30 minutes once the truck arrived at the site. Recommend concrete curing at least 7 days with spray of water or cover the surface with sacks



About Us

INSEE Concrete…
Your Concretes Solution Provider

Siam City Concrete Company Limited was established in 1985 as a subsidiary of Siam City Cement Public Company Limited in response to constantly increasing demand from construction industry.

We are constantly striving to develop our products and services starting from selecting high quality of raw materials, researching and developing products to serve various specifications, providing on time delivery, including consulting service on concrete applications and product testing. Following a number of major steps in continuous development. After three decades in the Ready-mixed concrete business, we are unremitting in our dedication to constantly improving our all-inclusive Ready-mixed concrete service under the name of the “INSEE Concrete” brand.